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Racism Ends With Us…

My mother is mixed between Caribe and African , my father was straight Eastern European. I may be able to past the “paper bag test” but I would fail under the “One-drop rule”. In other words I would get a job in the big house but I could never own it. We’ve come a long way since […]

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Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never define me.

Councilor Sandy White showed poor judgment when she said: “When someone on the commission said to me, ‘Sandy, the children like it,’ I was done. That’s enough, they like drugs, they like alcohol, they like a lot of things, but do we put that on the side of the bus,” White said. “If I would […]

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Whip it real good…

All hail the leader! Take your commands from on high and ignore the grumblings from beneath. This attitude has been taken to its extreme under the Harper government, but is not limited to him or the Conservatives. Traditional top down leadership has dominated party politics for over a century in Canada, or any Westminster style […]

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Orange Crush or En Rouge…

First I want to express my admiration for Jack Layton and his brand of politics. In public opinion he gave hope that, result oriented, honest politicians still existed and could lead with a uniting force – affectionately dubbed “the orange crush”. With his untimely death, the nation was left in uncharted waters with one less […]

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Perennial Backbench Warmer

                       Liberally minded is a blog series chronicling contemporary Canadian politics from the perspective of a new liberal party member. As the liberals rebuild to become a party of the future, this series will provide commentary on their journey, question each move, give suggestions on what should be done, continue to question the […]

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Feed a Troll…

Do you have strong opinions that you’re not scared to share with others online – whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs or forums? Th en it’s safe to say you have been called a “TROLL”. The term troll is relatively new and only well known among those that frequently interact online, which today is a […]

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Own Worst Enemy…

What if what we are fighting for does not get us where we are trying to go? What if where we are trying to go is not even where we should be? These are questions I find myself asking after becoming politically active. With so many strong personalities occupying the space, the water gets muddied […]

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Old habits are hard to break…

I’m writing this post with reservations, due to my limited introduction to the informal hierarchy and dynamics of political / social groups in London, which city hall is a large part. The conundrum I face is that my admiration for those who actively participate and are currently doing great work, will not allow me to step […]

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Gotta start somewhere…

They say the first step is always the hardest to make. Thanks to the past four months, I have a better appreciation for how true that really is. I have always considered myself to be somewhat ‘socially aware’ and mindful to how different levels of government are connected, how the business world influences both the […]

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